Semi Circular Supports - Muntons Traditional Plant Supports
Semi Circular Supports

Prevent your borders from overflowing onto your lawn edges...

Semi Circular SupportsSemi Circular Supports
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Large pair

H 100cm x D 60cm

£75 inc VAT

Medium pair

H 75cm x D 45cm

£65 inc VAT

Small pair

H 50cm x D 30cm

£55 inc VAT

Slimline large semicircular

Slimline Large (Set of 4)

8mm H 85cm x W 65cm X D 32cm

£32.95 inc VAT

Slimline medium semicircular

Slimline Medium (Set of 4)

8mm H 75cm x W 50cm X D 25cm

£28.95 inc VAT

Slimline Small (Set of 4)

8mm H 50cm x W 35cm X D 18cm

£24.95 inc VAT