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Fruit Cages

Inspired by those we saw in Queen Victoria’s fruit and vegetable garden at Osborne House, these are simply the best fruit cages you’ll ever find.

Each one is made to order; they will not bend or break; the balls are threaded at one end and the four horizontal poles slip into steel tubes at each hoop for extra strength. Two further horizontal bars pin the fleece to the ground, or lift up to reveal the whole side for ease of cropping and weeding.

Beautiful to look at and very practical; either add your own choice of netting or we can supply butterfly netting (in a roll) for you to cut and fit to the steel with plastic strips.

Fruit Cages

Fruit Cages

12mm H 180cm x W 120cm x L 300cm

£695 inc VAT

We can make fruit cages to your specification for a similar price - please contact us to discuss your requirements.