• Our HERBACEOUS SUPPORTS protect your plants against the wind and rain, year after year. Suitable for all plant sizes from peonies or alstreomarias to large floppy shrubs - especially unruly Annabelle hydrangeas!

    Prices from £35.00
  • Our OBELISKS are ideal for roses and vigorous climbers. They can support scented columns of sweet peas or other annual climbers. Position tall ones furthest away with smaller ones in front to add depth to your borders.

    Prices from £115.00

  • Our ROSE CAGES and LOBSTER POTS provide a focal point in any border with clematis and climbing roses trained through them. They work well in groups, with smaller ones at the front and taller ones behind.

    Prices from £135.00

Welcome to Muntons Traditional Plant Supports

Be inspired by our range of plant supports, all hand-made in Britain. Choose from arches & obelisks; supports for herbaceous clumps and individual peony supports; wall-mounted plant supports and trellises; step-over apple supports and simple steel stakes. We make them in a variety of popular sizes but we are also very happy to make bespoke plant supports to fit your precise requirements, so they work best for your garden.

RHS Product of the Year Finalist

All our plant supports are made in Sheffield from solid mild steel, mainly 12mm diameter. You can find others online that are less expensive, using 6mm wire which is too flimsy for gardeners. Others even use 1.5mm hollow steel tubes - but their thin-ness makes them prone to rust through or collapse all too quickly.

We leave the steel uncoated so that it develops a natural oxide and it soon achieves a lovely mellow rust patina that blends seamlessly into your garden year-round.

We also offer a Slimjim range as a reasonably-priced alternative to our more chunky traditional plant supports. These 8mm diameter products particularly suit the smaller town and cottage garden where borders are often narrower and shorter, and space restricted.