June 23rd 2020

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Explorer’s latest update has the unintended effect of opening a new window every time you add a product to your cart.

Chrome and Firefox are clever enough to work out what you are doing, so builds a list in the PayPal cart in one window straight away.

It will take us a little while before our tech team can work around this quirky issue so if you prefer, then either email us the list you want to purchase and we’ll email you an invoice and then call you to take a card payment or call us on 01285 706511 and we can take your order and payment over the phone

Made by hand & guaranteed

Our Traditional plant supports are manufactured in England in solid 12mm mild steel and their natural finish will quickly develop a rich rust patina. This range is guaranteed for twenty five years

Our Slimline plant supports suit the smaller town and cottage garden and where budgets are tighter. They are manufactured in England in solid 8mm mild steel and share the same natural finish. This range is guaranteed for five years.

In addition we offer a bespoke service - either for taller/shorter/fatter versions of our designs or for your designs, or those of your garden designer.